Why do we do what we do?

At Manifold Business Solutions - Everything we do, we believe in challenging status quo,
We believe in thinking differently, and encouraging others to do the same.
We believe that the 2 most precious comodities in any business are time and information.
We believe that time waits for no one, and no one should wait for information!

We challenge the status quo by designing powerful, simple to use, user friendly, Business Management and Information flow systems, adaptable to just about any industry.

Do we supply what our clients want?
No, we give what they need, and for the most part, their wants will, by default, be included.

Welcome to Manifold Business Solutions

Specialists in providing solutions and customised web based applications enabling businesses to run MORE efficiently, with LESS paperwork and MORE profit.

imgtick  YES! Simple, Cost Effective, Solutions Now Exist!

imgtick  STOP asking the.... "Has ........ Been done yet?"

"Have we contacted ............... ?"
"Whats the Status of ....................... ?    ... Questions!

imgtick  Start actually Managing your Business, instead of Chasing it!

If YOU can't find a way, WE'LL make one!

Why use a Web Based system?

Will your business benefit from our expertise and experience?

You decide!

Some of our Clients Include

Customised System Examples

Sales Modules Logistics/Transport Management Stock Control Rostering and Time Attendance Sales Consultant Management Purchase Order Tracking Paperless Document Storage


Manifold CRM + is a UNIQUE Online office management package, with wide array....

About Us

After 20 years in business, in industries ranging from production to manufacturing to wholesale and retail, it became evident....

BNI ImageOur Reputable and Trusted Business Partners:

Manifold, along with our Business Partners, ensure you get the best possible solution for any situation.